Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

And another tooth has fallen out of my baby's head.
Both front teeth are missing and I can't tell you how much I LOVE the way he talks right now.
I swear I am living with Cindy Brady :)
The Tooth Fairy made a double-visit this time.
Apparently, somebody scared her when she was taking the tooth away the first time & slid the envelope under Mommy's pillow.
Then Mommy forgot about that until Reese found it 2 nights later and woke me up in the middle of the night to show me.
Imagine his surprise when I told him of a tale I have heard, but never seen.
When someone scares the Tooth Fairy and she has to leave quickly,
sometimes she leaves the tooth behind!
So he put the envelope under his pillow for the 2nd time,
and she came AGAIN to get the tooth,
and this time left a quarter (she usually leaves a crisp $1 bill).
So...he got a Double Dip this time...
The Tooth Fairy needs to remember to take the tooth next time!


blessedintexas said...

Oh my! That is a GREAT story :) LOL said...

You know - our tooth fairy has had some occasional mishaps as well - happens to the best of 'em.


Chandra said...

LOL! How funny!!! And he looks sooooo cute! I've been hearing about this book that I may get Izzy when she starts losing teeth. It's called 'Throw Your Tooth on the Roof' and it's all about different tooth traditions around the world. Sounds like something that might be good for you guys!