Friday, December 18, 2009

Fun at the Sci Tech Discovery Center

We're always up for a good Children's Museum, and the SciTech Discovery Center fit the bill recently! On display was the travelling exhibit "Grossology". Pretty much anything you never knew you wanted to know about your body.

How 'bout a pinball game where you get points when you hit the foods that cause gas?

Potatoes anyone?

The rectum & a pile of poo? Funny stuff!
Take my picture Mom!

Yes, you could even *smell* the anus at a smelling station...
but I passed on that one.
*har har...pun...har har*

This is the smelling station, and this little number is what almost made me throw up...

The smell? It was "FEET". GROSS.

Here, my dear boy is climbing the wall of skin with all its imperfections...
warts, hairs, zits, moles...
Reach for the scabies honey!

Reese, posing as a booger, in the huge nose...

We learned the difference between a booger & snot.
Wanna know?
According to the museum man, a booger is what you can flick, & a snot is the goopy stuff.
Now you know.

They even had a life-sized Operation Game.
Luckily, my friend Holly knows about organs, because I told Reese the lungs were the liver.
Thanks for setting me straight Holly...

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Chandra said...

What an AWESOME exhibit!!!