Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Of Turtles & Geese....

Two funny comments, made my Reese, this week during our science studies....

When talking about migration, we were reading about loggerhead sea turtles. There was a cute picture of a turtle laying eggs in the sand, and Reese turns to me and says:

"Why do turtles lay eggs but you lay babies?"

As we continued our discussion & reading about migration, we found a picture of geese in our science book. Reese & I love to watch the geese fly over our house, and since he's been little I've pointed out the "V" shape.

Our science book had a great picture of geese flying, and explained with drawings about how the air from the front goose's wings spiraled up and gave the geese behind him a lift, and the 2nd geese's wings made the air spiral up to the goose behind him, and so on.

It was a great illustration & I thought it made a great point.

So in our Question & Answer section, when I asked Reese why geese fly in a "V" shape, he replied:

"To make words for people who look at them."

Of course, we went back over the real reasons, but Reese just cracks me up every day with some silly thing that comes out of his mouth.

We are now on week #4 of our 1st grade year. I keep meaning to detail our curriculum here but have yet to get that done. It has been a very productive 4 weeks, with a few bumps along the way. But it's exciting to work together, as a family, to get over our little bumps and move forward. I feel so blessed to have our family at home working together!!

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