Friday, August 07, 2009

Overwhelmed. What? Me?

Exciting stuff happened last weekend...the FedEx man delivered two important boxes!

Reese's 1st Grade curriculum arrived and we couldn't wait to dig in and see what Mommy had ordered!
Lots of exciting books, instructor guides, manipulatives, experiments...

And more....

Overwhelmed with all of the items? Me? *cough cough* Nah!

I have to keep reminding myself that these are the supplies for our entire year and that if I laid out the supplies from my 1st Grade Teacher Days it would have looked just as massive an undertaking.
Luckily, Hubby always reminds me to eat the elephant one bite at a time & it does help me to remember that this isn't all for Day 1! :)
I've sorted through all the Instructor Guides and placed everything in the notebooks for Mama. We will begin our school year on August 17th & I can't wait...this curriculum from Sonlight is heavily literature based which makes me so excited! is a little less intimidating once everything is put on the bookshelves, in the cabinets, organized in the binders, etc.
But don't even get me started on the fact that my baby boy is a 1st grader...I remember when I taught 1st grade that the students seemed so independent and "big" by the end of the year. Don't even get me started I tell 'ya....


Renee said...

I know! I started small this year; we have a handful of books to help get us going. We are pulling out last year's math books to review and maybe catch up. Our biggest curriculum: our Motorhome! ha ha!

An blog post idea sparked in my mind about an hour ago, about books, and now I see your post with an ocean of books, and I must get drafting! Oh, one more thing I read that has helped me (in writing, but can be applied anywhere) was in a book called Bird by Bird. There's a boy who's waited till the last minute to do a research paper on birds and, sitting down in front of a sea of books about birds, his wise father said, "Son, don't get overwhelmed. Just take it bird by bird." Good word huH!!!!!

Mary K said...

I too, can't believe my oldest is headed to first grade. Something about having taught that grade makes it seem so much OLDER than Kindergarten!

SOunds like lots of fun stuff this year :-)

Luke said...

Happy Box Day! (I know, I'm way late, but I just found your blog [smile])

Hope everything is settling in and you're able to just enjoy learning together without stressing about everything that's there.