Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camp Tonkawa: Native American Day

Last week, Reese & I joined our AlphaBuds and went out to Camp Tonkawa for their Native American Camp day.

We had a fantastic, full day (we were there for about 6 hours!) and learned all about the Tonkawa Indians. How they lived, followed the buffalo, how they hunted and cooked, what they lived in, etc.

The pictures from the day are on my other computer, but there are two videos from the day that I liked.

Mrs. April taught us the Water Song, which they sang to give thanks for the water. Reese dug the tune...watch the head-bob at the end...

The second video was one of the activities Reese was most excited about...archery! During his first attempt, the arrow just lobbed into the ground. But his second shot went much better..

I'll do a post soon with our pictures from the day. It really was a neat place.

And we'll just forget about how Mommy managed to lock the keys in the car, and our friend Patti had to give us a ride home (over an hour!), and how Daddy had to take us back out to the car that night (another hour), and then we drove home (another hour).

Not the best ending to an amazing day...but we won't talk about that!

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