Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Tiki Party...

Reese turned 6 on Sunday. I do this every year on his birthday...I protest! No way has another year gone by. Just plain ol' No Way.

We had Reese's birthday party here Saturday and had a nice, quiet day together Sunday on his actual birthday.

The party was great fun & I have lots of pictures to share when I get a chance. But I'm still protesting that my Baby is another year older. No Way.

Austen, Caitlyn, Jessie, & Miranda came to celebrate with Reese.

He adores Jessie's two best friends & it was so nice of them to come too :) I'm sure a bunch of teenage girls could think of a few more things to do on a Saturday night than go to a 6 year old's birthday party...they are really a good set of friends for Jessie!

And Austen asked off work just so he could come to the party.

I tell you what...Reese is lucky to have Aus & Jess as his siblings!!

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Sandi said...

I can't believe he is six! Your little family is so dang cute!!