Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't Eat The Daffodils!

Around these parts, folks visit the Arboretum during the Spring
to take pictures with the thousands of tulip & daffodil blooms for scenery.
Being a new Mama, I felt it was my duty to follow suit,
so we headed to the Arboretum one Spring day
when Reese was about 9 months old.

The finished picture turned out cute...

just look at those TOES...

But I so vividly remember Reese kept falling over as I was trying to snap a picture.

Not "fall-on-his-face" falling over...

More like "Mom, what are you doing? I'm not sitting here" falling over.

And if he wasn't falling over, he was turning around

trying to eat the daffodils.

Or eat the grass.

Or eat a bug.

Or eat the mulch.

Good times....good times.....

1 comment:

blessedintexas said...

I love the story! I also took many pictures as Nicholas was falling over at this age. Set him up ready to go..get camera ready...start to press shutter then Whoops - over he goes....set him up again...get camera ready...and Whoops again!