Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where, Oh Where, Has This Blog Gone?

I think this officially the longest stretch of time I've ever left the blog un-updated! Wow...

Of course, we've been busy. Disney World at the end of March, lots of baseball games, Disney World coming up again next week. Fun at CoOp, outings & field trips, days at the park, plugging along through the last of our Saxon Phonics lessons for the year. Mommy's birthday, a surprise visit from Austen, Easter Weekend. We toured a private Christian school this morning that offers a 2 day at schooo/2 day at home model for education...glad we toured, but I don't think it's the right fit.

So we've been up to plenty. Mommy has just been super-unmotivated to post anything :)

The latest & greatest....last Tuesday night, Reese won the game ball for making three outs at base (2 at 1st base and 1 at 3rd base). He's having a blast & seems to really be picking up on what to do at different positions! And he's great at making contact with the ball while at bat, so it's been fun watching him play. Not that I'm biased or anything... :)

We're heading out tomorrow for a trip to the Dallas Heritage Museum with our homeschool buddies, the Whitakers, and then going to Grammie's Saturday to see Uncle Jeff while he's in town. Sunday we'll come home, head to a birthday party for Reese's buddy Nicholas, & then Monday morning we're off to Orlando.

I think I need to put all the blog pictures on my travel laptop so I can update the blog while we wait for our flight at the airport Monday~

In the meantime...I hope you're all doing well & enjoying the spring weather!!


Renee said...

No you're not. You're bailing on the Whitakers and the awesome field trip. What lousy friends. I sure am glad I'm not the Whitakers.

(PS-I guess I should've checked this blog first before commenting on the other blog...duh!)

spinning in our own direction said...

SERIOSLY!!! D.A. is going to be standing on your door step SOON!! Dude didn't you just get back