Friday, January 16, 2009

Wednesday CoOp: Months Of The Year

We gathered Wednesday at Mrs. Deb's house for a morning full of calendar talk! After talking about the parts of a calendar (year, month, weeks, days) we sang and danced to some great songs by Jack Hartmann about the days of the weeks & months of the year.

We took turns saying the days of the week & months of the year, and everyone stood up for their birth month when the Birthday Song played!

Everyone got their own very special, very big calendar!

We spent time marking our friends' birthdays & other important dates & everyone picked stickers that went with the dates.

After all our calendar fun, everyone headed outside to play with Mrs. Deb's new puppies & climb on the jungle gym. Poor Mr. Tim decided it was too loud with 9 screaming munchkins outside so he found other things outside the house to do while we invaded!

Thanks for the fun morning Mrs. Deb!!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh dangit how I wish ya'll would do the co-op on any day but Wed. I miss it. Grrrr.