Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come Escape Suburbia With Me!

Come check out Escape Suburbia ! It's a new blog written by author Tammy Kling who is a homeschool Mama, a woman of Faith, & is full of interesting thoughts. Mrs. Kling says:

"I write in hopes that something I say will change a life. Books saved my life, as a child who read and read and read, after school, and all through college. I devoured novels and luckily found mentors inside books who wrote things I needed to hear. Sometimes the words we say will be the only opportunity for mentorship in someones life. When I’m working on the street with the homeless the power of words is enhanced, and I carefully measure the words I say. I know that I might have something to offer that will help them get into a new mindset, get out of their current state, take baby steps towards a brighter future. I don’t think that is too lofty for any of us to think - because I know that you, and that me, have the power to change lives through the words we say to others. "

The author's latest project is The Compass...the companion book to the movie, The Compass, about discovering your purpose of life & living it! I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiration within the book & movie....

Head over to Escape Suburbia and get a glimpse inside an author's mind!

*Tammy Kling is an international author and literary coach to the world’s leading CEO’s, celebrities and individuals who want to pursue their dreams of writing a book. Her work has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Extra and Primetime.*


cori b said...

FYI-One of the people participating in the project The Compass is the local lady who runs the Argyle Adventure Boot Camp. She is AWESOME!! Her name is Kelli Callabrese.

texasholly said...