Saturday, December 06, 2008

Reese & Santa...Over The Years...

Reese has never been the kiddo who was afraid of Santa. He's always been excited to see St. Nick!
What's up with Reese's head? It was this perfectly round little head, but this picture says otherwise. Oh well. This was also a spur of the moment decision, thus the non-Christmas attire. We happened to be at the mall in early December, & I was surprised Santa was already there! I figured we'd beat the lines...


This year, we found Santa at the Bass Pro Shops!

This was a cheap little Polaroid they gave you (that I paid for).

At least he's wearing something in a Christmas color!

Notice the missing shoes...Reese hated wearing shoes for the longest time.

Oh, how I loved the chili bowl haricut on Reese!
He actually looks semi-happy to see Santa this year!

We met Santa this year at a Christmas party
Reese was laughing so hard at how silly Santa was acting!
Last year, we found Santa at another Christmas party,
and I absolutely LOVE this picture of Reese with Santa.
They were having a very serious, quiet conversation about gifts...
We haven't found Santa this year yet....
Maybe he'll be on our cruise next week!


Renee said...

Oh the pictures are so cute! It's neat to see how he grows. I can recognize his eyes in all the pictures; even the first one. Have fun on your cruise!!

cbashara said...

Aw!!! Those are priceless! Love them!