Friday, November 07, 2008

A Thousand Tiny Pieces

For CoOp on Wednesday,Mrs. Holly organized a trip to The Mosaic Art Factory! She was extra generous and picked up the tab for everyone's Christmas ornament THANK YOU Mrs. Holly!

Every year, Mommy tries to make something "crafty" with Reese as a keepsake, but he's really just not the Martha Stewart kinda kid. Usually a few brush strokes to paper and he's I don't push craft projects on him because really, he's NOT interested!

This project, however, totally captivated Reese! From the scooping of glass pieces, to the placing of the mosaic parts, he worked really hard and was quite proud of his finished product. The hardest part was saying goodbye to the mosaic while we waited a week for the drying/grouting process.

Reese picked a truck for his mosaic work.

The first step was scooping the bins of broken (smooth-ish) glass pieces.

Reese chose blue, black & green for his truck colors.

Mommy threw in some mirror chips for the wheels.

The next step was spreading the "glue" onto the backing piece like peanutbutter.

Reese did amazingly well at spreading the glue.

I didn't capture any pieces of Reese working on his project.
I was busy helping him find the small pieces that fit best onto the truck base.
He completed the entire project himself, except for the wheels.
I told him I would be happy to put the mirror chips onto the wheels for him.
He assured me..."Mommy, it's still MY project though, right?"
Of course dear!

The finished truck ornament...waiting for black grout.
We can't wait to see the completed project!!

And here you have the finished product! I'm so thrilled with how it turned out.
Reese, well, he is beyond proud!


my so-called life said...

awesome! grace is going to a party there next weekend!

blessedintexas said...

That looks like so much fun! Nicholas isn't "crafty" either so I'm not sure if he'll actually bother with finishing a project but we just might have to check it out.

texasholly said...

Oh! His turned out so cute. I can't wait to see it grouted. It was a successful craft for boys with short attention spans at my place too!

hippos toes said...

that looks like so much fun. I can't wait til my little guy is old enough to do that!

Madge said...

very very cool. what a great project. i don't do enough crafty stuff with the boys...