Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gifts To Make: Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate Lollipops

Check out this fun project! Reese & I made these chocolate lollipops as a test-run for some Christmas gifts for our CoOp friends. You could use chocolate molds if you had them, but we had fun making our free-form circles.

What you'll need:

*Milk Chocolate melting chips
*Lollipop sticks
*Plastic bags for wrapping
*Squeeze bottle or Ziplock baggie

What To Do:

*Line a few cookie sheets with tin foil.

*Follow instructions for melting chocolate pieces. We put ours in a ziplock baggie, closing the bag almost completely, leaving about 1 inch open at the top. Making sure the baggie is standing upright, we microwaved the chocolate at 30 second intervals on 50% power until completely melted.

*Either pour chocolate into squeeze bottle (probably easier for little hands to control) or cut 1/4 inch off corner of your Ziplock baggie.

*Lay a lollipop stick on top of the tin foil and make a circle with your melted chocolate. We found it easiest to make a circle outline first & then let little hands fill in the circle with chocolate. As you're filling in the circle, twist the lollipop stick around to keep it held in place once the chocolate hardens.

*Before your chocolate cools, sprinkle your decorations on top of the lollipops.

*Refrigerate until hardened. Using candy wrap, secure each chocolate pop into a wrapper & close with ribbons.


Robyn said...

i love all the creative ideas and projects that you do with reese. if our kids were the same age i would just copy the things you do!!! love you!

Chef Tom said...

This brings back memories of making chocolate lollipops with my grandmother as a child.

Mary said...

Those look great! I know they'll go over well at Christmas time.

mollo said...

That sounds like fun! What is the cost of each lollipop after it's all said and done? Were you worried about the chocolate being too hot for the kids to handle?


(Found your post through the carnival of homeschooling.)

Happy Campers said...

Hi Mollo...if you do it exactly like I did, the cost per pop was roughly 25cents. BUT...

*You could get your chocolate melting chips on sale or use a coupon
*Use saran wrap to wrap your pops instead of little bags
*Use whatever sprinkles you have on hand. I spent money on the Christmas sprinkles

As far as how warm the chocolate was, by doing the chocolate at 30 second intervals and letting it rest for 30 seconds, it was warm but my son didn't have any trouble with the temperature (he's 5). If you used the squeeze bottles, there shouldn't be any problems. If you used the ziplock baggie (like we did), just check it before you hand it over. It is still easily handled well before it cools too much to squeeze out!

Good luck!