Monday, November 10, 2008

CATS: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

On Thursday, Reese & I headed to CATS to check out their production of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
CATS is one of my favorite places to watch a play. The theater is nice & small, it's relatively easy to find, but the best part is that the entire cast is made up of children.

I also greatly appreciate how they price their tickets. Since we tend to just buy two tickets instead of going with a group, sometimes there's not a group discount. Casa Manana, for example, sells group tickets for $7 each (I think...something like that) but to just buy two single tickets to a school matinee performance, it's $16 each! That's a huge difference in price.

When I found CATS, I was thrilled. I can buy just two tickets to their school matinee for $7 each. Rock. My. Socks. Off!

Most of the actors are middle school/high school aged children, but every now and then you'll see younger ones in the mix. Especially for Charlotte's Web...there were plenty of younger munchkins in that production!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was done quite well, with just enough "scare factor" thrown in to make it eery. There wasn't as much singing in this play as others we've seen at CATS, which was a little disappointing. These kids have the greatest, most powerful voices and it's always so moving when they belt out a show tune.

Reese was quite sure we needed to bring in our first aid kit with us, so you'll see him holding it up in his picture. Silly boy. He held that thing the entire time!

We head back to CATS twice more this school year. In March we see Boxcar Children (I plan to read the story aloud to Reese before we go see this), and in April we see Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny. I would highly recommend CATS to anyone interested in a smaller playhouse with great actors!

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