Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Gotta Start Somewhere!

Every other Saturday, Reese has group lessons for violin. This was our first time to attend, and I wasn't sure how much Reese would enjoy it. I should have known better...he loved it! He has such a competitive spirit that being in the presence of others who know more than he does just makes him want to work harder & learn more himself!

I could only get the back of his head this week, but I'll try & have him stand on the other side of the room next time so I can get his face in the video :) We'll have to miss our next group session because we'll be on the way to Orlando...

Reese is only playing on the E string here, while some of the others play the entire song (on the A & E strings). However, Reese kept the rhythm which is where he should be at this point!

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