Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wednesday CoOp: Exploring Our 5 Senses

We met Wednesday at the park to explore our 5 Senses! Mrs. Melissa had all sorts of great games to play...and everyone had fun challenging their sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, & hearing!
Reese taste tested a lemon. Although his face is twisted, he said it tasted sweet and actually carried the lemon slice around with him and ate the whole thing!

Wouldn't you have loved to spend your school hours like this? Lying in the grass, with friends, doing "science"?

Mrs. Deb brought along some blocks of ice with tons of trinkets frozen inside. Everyone worked hard to figure out how to get the toys out!

Leave it to the the girls whittled away at the ice, Reese took a block of ice and threw it on the ground. Smash! and Viola! :)
His favorite treasure of the day...
When he wears these, he calls himself Mr. Nandu.

After our 5 Senses activities & melting/breaking the ice blocks, we headed to the playground. There's a huge, awesome playground on site, but it was CLOSED (??) so we had to make do with the little playground on the side. Everyone still had fun. Even the mommies had a good time trying to do pull ups. I won't say how sad my attempt was.

Reese & his best friend....

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texasholly said...

Oh, I need to download my pictures because I think I have a good one of Reese with those glasses on...

I haven't successfully downloaded pictures to my new computer so I need to call in Greg, my IT department to help.