Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday & Sunday Morning: A Report From The Magic!

Hi friends! We’re about 24 hours into our trip and we’ve been having more fun than you can shake a stick at!

We arrived easily in Orlando yesterday around noon. The flight was painless, Reese slept the whole way there, and I think Jeff & I caught a few winks as well. We ended up renting a car instead of hiring a driver, which saved about $180! I found out there was a Budget car rental counter in Cape Canaveral with a free five minute shuttle to the port. What a deal, because the super-basic rental car price was just $25 for the day.

After we arrived at Port Canaveral and spent a little time in the Disney Cruise Terminal waiting to board. We were group #13, which was called before we knew it and we were off to board the boat!

Our first stop was the drink station to fill up on soda while we waited for our rooms to open at 1:30. Reese got to meet one of Goofy’s nefphews while lounging in the chairs so he thought he was pretty big stuff!

Our room opened, we headed up to relax and wait for our luggage. Jeff was ready for a nap, so he stayed in the room and waited while I took Reese to the Oceaneer’s Club for registration. He played and played & again, it’s one of his favorite places on the whole ship!

Our cell phones still worked while in port, so Jeff called my cell phone to let me know all the bags had arrived in the room, so Reese & I headed up to the room to unpack. We usually don’t travel for 7 nights, and we usually don’t pack things like pirate costumes and nice dinner clothes when we travel, so our cruise luggage always takes much longer to unpack! I finally got everything sorted & put away, and it was time for a 3:00 meet-up with some DISboard friends.

Reese & Jeff didn’t really care to go with me, so I headed to the Promenade Lounge to meet all the DISboard friends I’ve been getting to know this past eleven months & Jeff took Reese to the Mickey Pool. It was so fun to put faces with names of people I have met online, & I’m especially excited to meet a family from New Zealand! We are planning a trip to NZ in a few years with Reese & Jessie, and having a family from NZ that has offered to give us some advice will be very valuable!

About 3:30 I headed up to the pool to find the boys…Jeff said someone had pooped in the Mickey Pool, so they closed it and everyone had to play in the splash area instead. It didn’t look like Reese minded at all…he was having fun splashing in the little fountains.

Four o’clock came and it was time to put on our life vests and prepare for the muster drill. I really, really hate wearing the life jackets because they just make me feel sooooo claustrophobic. Add that to the fact that you have to pack into your designated emergency zone with about two hundred other people crammed into live vests, & it’s just very hot, stuffy, & crowded. Ick. Luckily, it was over quickly & we headed back to the room to put away the life vests & make our way to Deck 9 for the Sail Away Party!!!

Daddy stayed in the room while Reese & I arrived at the party. The Cast Members handed out streamers for everyone to wave, we danced to fun music, saw Mickey & his whole gang, & counted down to the magical ship horn blowing to signal the boat is ready to move! We were now on our way to our first stop…Castaway Cay!

After the deck party, Reese decided he wanted to go to the table service dinner at 5:45. Previously, we had decided to skip the table service dinners because they are about 2 hours long, and that’s just NOT our thing! For whatever reason, Reese wanted to go to dinner. Perhaps because our assigned restauraunt for the evening was Animator’s Palate.

We dressed and headed down to dinner. Jeff started to turn a little green during dinner, and Reese didn’t eat anything but a few French fries saying his tummy “felt funny.” I slapped some SeaBands on both boy’s wrists, had Reese take some Bonine, tried to talk Jeff into taking some Bonine or Dramamine, and hoped for the best.
Reese was very silly at dinner....

Jeff ordered penne alfredo and I had the filet mignon, which were both OK. Jeff liked my filet more than I did…put the peanut butter pie for dessert was awesome!

Reese was ready to go back to the Oceaneer Club for the kickoff party, so I took him up there while Jeff fought off barfing. I tried to pull Reese away after an hour of playing (it was now 8:30) but he was not ready to go!

Now, for those of you who don’t know…we don’t leave Reese anywhere, really ever! No babysitters (other than Sissy, who rocks!), he’s never gone to daycare or any child drop-off center, etc. Last year on the cruise, when Reese went to the Oceaneer Club, Jeff and I would bring Uno and hang out in the back and play cards while Reese played in the Club.

Last night, he said he wanted to stay. I thought I’d see if he’d be OK with me leaving…so I told him that Mommy had to go, but he was welcome to stay if he wanted. I showed him that the Cast Members were all in matching yellow shirts, & that if he wanted me to come get him before I came back on my own, he could tell the Cast Members he wanted to be picked up and I would be paged. They led out pagers for everyone to keep during the week, & that way Reese can have me paged anytime.

Well…he stayed! I came back to the room, to say…hi…to Daddy. Instead of having any *fun*, I ended up waking him up from a nap and back to feeling sick. Oops! I let Reese stay for about 15 minutes…I didn’t want him to panic…silly me. When I came back & told him it was time to go, he said “No, go away please! I want to stay!” So, I have great hope for the rest of the week that Reese will go to the club many times and stay. Jeff & I would love to catch a movie at the theater together, or take a nap together….or….whatever.

So, picked up Reese, and we hung out in the room the rest of the night. Went to bed….slept like ROCKS until about 8:00 this morning!

OK, so you’ve made it this far….good for you! I’ll make another post tonight with the rest of our day…it’s 3:45 right now, we just pulled away from Castaway Cay for our journey to Grand Cayman. Life is sweet…sitting on the couch, looking out the balcony at the moving ocean, listening to the band playing two decks up…relaxing with the family. Life. Is. Sweet.

The start of Sunday....


momto6 said...

Oh its going to be like a to be continued end of season show all week huh!! Hope all are feeling better and having FUN!!

Renee said...

Looks like ya'll are having so much fun! (Much better than Dollywood huh!)

hollyandco said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the collage squares.