Monday, August 18, 2008

Mama Called The Doctor And The Doctor Said...No More Corn Kernels Stuck Inside Your Head!

Once upon a time, in the land of Vacation,Photobucket was playing in the room while Mommy took a Photobucket

Photobucketcame into the bathroom & told Mommy "I put a popcorn in my ear!"

"You did what? A what in your ear?" Mommy said.
"A popcorn. Look!" And as Photobucket digs his finger in his Photobucket, Mommy yelled "Stop!"

From inside the Photobucket, she saw Photobucket in his Photobucket.

"Tilt your head & jump up and down." says the soapy Mommy in the Photobucket . No luck. The Photobucket was firmly in place.

Greaaat. At least we passed a hospital about 5 minutes away from the hotel. Mommy had a feeling we'd be making the trip, so she told Photobucket to ask Photobucket to try & get it out.

As he's working at the computer,Photobucket sees Photobucket come over nervously & says "I have popcorn in my ear. Can you get it out?"

Thinking Mommy would be mad (and not knowing that Mommy aldready knew), Photobucket and Photobucket went quietly into the bathroom to look for a tool to remove the Photobucket.

Luckily, Photobucket found Photobucket, and using his big, bad Daddy ninja-skills, he popped the Photobucket out of Reese'sPhotobucket .

Mommy was SO glad we didn't have to make a hospital trip, & we all understand NO popcorn kernels in the ear!!


Brittany said...

WOW! I would have freaked out! Why do boys need to shove stuff into every open orifice!?!?!?

hollyandco said...

Such a cute post!

Sigh - what will they think of next?

Renee said...

Wow, I won the challenge! What is my prize??????

mommy2nicholas said...

OMG! How do they come up with these ideas?! And why does it ALWAYS happen when Mommy is in the shower??? Great post!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

OMG---I am not sure what I would have done....and while on vacation. Kids can really keep stuff interesting ;)