Saturday, August 30, 2008

Of Sorting & Mossy Toes

Having fun in the kitchen while Mommy cooks dinner. Making his donuts, matching the patterns on the tops to each other.

On Tuesday, we ventured to Lake Grapevine for a get together with homeschool friends. It was hot. The lake was icky. There was glass in the sand so you couldn't take off your shoes.

When we arrived, Reese said "This ocean is dirty!" He didn't much dig the moss in his toes. Luckily, I brought a second pair of shoes. We hung for a few minutes, ate lunch while shooing flies away, & played football together & left. I hope to see our new friends again soon...but not at the lake!


texasholly said...

Ewww...the bottom of Lake Grapevine is pretty green. Cute picture of him though. And Mmmmm.....donuts.

Anonymous said...

Hey we love Lake Grapevine; better than sin-infested Lake Lewisville. Lake Austin is the best, clearest lake I've ever seen but it's a wee bit far away for a homeschool luncheon! And I saw those donut thingys at the Teacher's store the other day, and I almost got them!

Renae said...

I agree. Mossy toes feel weird. ;)