Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Love My Mummy

First, let me say that I will post the story about this picture from vacation, but I need more than 30 seconds to do the post & lately I've not taken the time! Sometime this week...I promise...

Two weeks ago, we checked out the movie The Mummy from the library. Reese absolutely loved it...yes, I know, it's probably too intense for a lot of kiddos. For whatever reason, Reese isn't bothered by movies like this, & we talk at great lengths about how none of this was real & it was all "movie magic."

After we watched the movie, Reese decided he was a mummy & would have nothing less than a full mummy-wrap. We broke out the scissors and created this:

from an old sheet, which he wore to watch the movie again. For his birthday this year, Reid & Ryan gave Reese this awesome book called Egyptology. We spent time reading through the book & Reese loved the map that comes out of the book to hold. He's asked Daddy if we can go to Egypt. At the library yesterday, we found Ancient Civilizations for Children: Egypt to watch together. I checked the library & there are a ton of activity/idea books on Egpyt studies & units.

I'm glad Reese is home so we can explore this together!


texasholly said...

Soooo cute! I love it. You may remember how hard it was for me to find an Egyptian BOY costume last year for Ryan so you are WAY ahead of your time. I don't know if it is all the little things in that book but it is a favorite at our house too. So glad it is working in your "curriculum" (that word just takes the fun out).

mommy2nicholas said...

You are such a cool mom to cut up a sheet for him to be a mummy. Great idea. I'll have to seek out this book now!