Monday, May 12, 2008

Where Are All The Customers?

Let me begin by painting a picture for you of our neighborhood. We live in the verrrry back of a suburban neighborhood. It takes approximately 7 minutes to drive from the front all the way to the back. We live off of a semi-rural road & there is a gated & monitored entrance to our neighborhood. All of these factors severely limit the amount of traffic that makes it past our house, which we love.

However, when you're 4 and decide you want to open a lemonade stand, the lack of traffic could prove a problem.

Last weekend, Reese's best friend next door wanted to open a lemonade stand in the driveway. Luckily, his mom called us & Reese decided he wanted to be an employee (his words!). So we headed next door & the boys sat at the lemonade stand for a few minutes.

Just when the lack of drive-by traffic was becoming too much for these two entrepreneurs, our wonderful neighbor, Mr. Tony, pulled up.

After buying a cup of lemonade, we all snapped pictures of the boys' first customer. Mr. Tony generously paid (asking for no change!) $10 for his drink, which the boys were over the moon about. As it turns out, Mr. Tony was their only customer that passed by the whole time.

But even though we don't live on a road with much in the way of passing cars, all you really need is one kind neighbor to make the day of two little boys!


Renee said...

Wow! Can I put up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood too????!! This is too cute!

HRH said...

The boys have joined the 3 girls that live on the 18th for water stands there on the course. They do VERY well in a very short period of time. You need to find a course spot! Or you need to call us next time, we would be glad to have an excuse for a field trip back.