Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday: Dallas Museum of Nature & Science...or something like that

We went Monday with our Early Childhood PTA friends to the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science (or whatever it's called) and saw all sorts of neat things. Below are a few of my favorite photos, followed by a slide show with the rest.

I hate driving to Fair Park, so we probably won't visit this museum again. I'd rather go to Ft. Worth any day...much less traffic I've found. But it was good to visit, because I've always wondered if it was any fun...and the answer was yes!

It's always hard to wait to enter....

The size of this space helmet & the fact he's playing the xylophone made me laugh...

Reese took this one of Mommy entering the Dentist exhibit. This was the most creepy part, in my opinion. One section was full of old dental tools (like early 1900s old), including needles. Luckily, Reese didn't notice that stuff. He liked all the skulls with teeth. And I think the picture is funny because I'm squatting down with my knees, but you can't really tell, so my body looks all funky. Laugh all you want. :)

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HRH said...

Hey, we missed the big mouth.