Friday, April 04, 2008

It's All About The Water Cycle!

We gathered Wednesday at Mrs. Melissa's for CoOp and talked all about the water cycle!

But first...Reese found these police glasses & I could not stop laughing at how funny he looked...

Once everyone had arrived, we gathered on the floor for a book on the water cycle. Lots of big words...precipitation, evaporation, condensation. There were neat pictures of different types of weather (hail, rain, fog). Reese contributed "Once I was froggy in my throat and I couldn't talk well." Foggy, froggy. Whatever. :)
One more reason to love homeschool: You can attend a group lesson wearing a knight's helmet and nobody cares one way or the other!
Next, Mrs. Melissa had a cute water cycle puppet show that the other mommies helped with. I had to take pictures, so I shirked that duty!
We even sang a song about the water cycle!
Everyone went to the kitchen table after the play & song to make their own water cycle puppets! Below, you'll see lots of tornadoes, raindrops, & clouds. When we got home, Reese was anxious to get behind our couch & do the play again!


HRH said...

Here is where I take a big bow for my performance as sun and the BIG raindrop. *Thank you very much*

Marlee said...

Oh, ha ha! When I read the title "Water Cycle" I was expecting a post about laundry. Shows where MY head is... YOUR water cycle was MUCH more interesting! ;)