Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wednesday CoOp

To go along with my great obsession with fine motor skill development this week, I planned a CoOp day around Fine Motor Skills!

I had some stations set up with blocks, Lincoln Logs, puzzles, scooping lentils, lacing boards, a GeoBoard, & pompom balls and tongs (to pick up & move). Instead of trying to "make" everyone do the activities, I just had them out & available. I think everyone tried their hand at most things through out the morning.

For our group activity, we gathered around the kitchen table for a messy art project! Using a papertowel as our workspace, everyone took markers & put dots in various colors all over the papertowel.

Then, we took pipettes, filled them with water & squirted the papertowels over and over. Eventually, the papertowel becomes saturated & the marker dots spread out & the colors mix. I was very impressed with everyone's ability to actually make the pipettes work. Think about's a rather complex concept to do the following:

*Place pipette in cup of water

*Squeeze bulb while leaving the pipette in the water

*Let go of the bulb while leaving the pipette in the water!

*Remove pipette from cup & squeeze onto papertowel

The kids' first instinct is usually to squeeze the pipette in the cup, but remove it before it fills up. Great problem solving skills!

We also used cold, cooked spaghetti to make pictures. Using black paper, everyone laid spaghetti noodles to make a picture. As it dries, the spaghetti sticks to the paper. I laughed as some made snowflakes, crosses, spider webs while others made a big 'ole pile of spaghetti on the paper!

While the munchkins got down to go play, the Mommies had one more activity. I found a great activity at Little Homeschool On The Prairie. Using old belts & a staple gun, you can make a Buckling Board for practicing...fine motor skills! Below are our finished boards...can you tell which boards belonged to the girls? :)


Tasina said...

Oooh what a fun thing to do with the markers. We're going to have to try this. Thanks for the great idea.

HRH said...

Yeah. It was so much fun. I don't know if the kids or the mommy's had more fun with their art projects.