Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vacation By The Numbers

7,400: Miles traveled, round trip, to Maui

16: Number of chains on our paper chain countdown timer for the inbound flight to Maui (one paper chain for every 1/2 hour of the flight--to help Reese grasp how long the flight lasts)

8: Number of nights away from home

60: Dollars wasted at the Maui Ocean Center, as determined by Jeff & Reese. Mommy loved it.

0: Total number of hours Mommy slept on the overnight flight home

3: Number of family members who determined dinner served on the flight was making us ill

1.2: Number of seconds it took Mommy to grab a barf bag before Reese lost his dinner

0: Number of barf drops that went outside the bag!

139: Number of pages Mommy read in her book over night, squinting in the dark so as not to turn on the overhead light & wake sleeping Reese & Daddy. This book is neither about sex or being good in bed. It's a great chick lit should read it!

7: Number of hours Reese & Mommy slept--in the daytime--after arriving home this morning earlier than we usually even wake up

80: Average temperature in Maui while we were there....ahhhhhh!

3.89: Cost of one gallon of regular gas in Maui

9: Cost of 1 pint room service Hagen Daaz chocolate ice cream. Spendy--but so freakin' delicious

1 year: Amount of time before I can even think about another overnight flight :)

I'll be putting together a movie with all our fun once I feel like I can function again...But we're back & I had to check in!


HRH said...

I am so glad you are safely home, but barfing on the flight doesn't sound very fun...ugh, but you are QUICK! Missed ya today. Hope to see you soon.

hollyandco said...

Funny post! :) It did make me tired just reading it!