Saturday, February 23, 2008

Excuse Me?

My son is currently mad at Mommy & giving some serious 'tude because we don't have any laundry to sort.

Did I step into a parallel universe or something? He wants to help sort clothes by colors & everything is sorted. Sissy had a few items that were dirty, & Reese was slightly miffed that there was only two shirts. "That's it?"

He gave Jeff a speech today about keeping your whites & reds separate in the wash because it will make things turn pink. I was surprised he remembered!

I promised the next time the laundry baskets get anything in them, he can sort for me.

Guess laundry is an important life skill, & grasping the basics by 4 is pretty darn good. Probably more important than that pesky handwriting that I stress about anyway. :)

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