Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daddy Hung The Moon

One of the greatest blessings that has happened since Jeff retired is that he gets to spend so much time with the kids. Naturally, spending time together lends itself to teachable moments!

Reese joined Daddy on the couch yesterday, & noticed Jeff's computer wallpaper. "Hey, look! It's the moon!" he exclaimed, looking at Jeff's computer with a shot of the moon & Saturn in the background.

This little discovery led to a great discussion between the two of them about the moon, the temperature of different planets based on proximity to the sun, oxygen & breathing, the fact that Earth is the only known planet to be suitable for life, & a host of other great discoveries.

I feel so lucky to have Jeff help make our educational journey not just a Mommy thing, but truly a family event.

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HRH said...

So cool and the picture is just plain cozy.