Saturday, January 19, 2008

Really. Really. Gross.

We all stopped at Burger King today for lunch after an insane run around to find a place that would even serve us! Burger King was the icing on the cake, but let's start with the cake first...

Our first attempt led us to a drive-thru called Checkers. We'd seen lots of commercials about Checkers & I figured it was as good a place as any to grab lunch. We pulled into the drive thru & as we looked at the menu, another car pulled behind us, blocking us in. After we looked at the menu & noticed "spicy fries" were served with everything (and Reese really, really wanted fries!), we didn't want to order. But what can you do if you're next to order & you can't back up to leave? Jeff quickly blurted out "I'll take a chocolate shake." Smart thinking. After the lady in front of us had sampled every food item in her bag & paid with coins, we finally pulled up to the window, paid for our shake, & decided to head to KFC instead.

Before I get too far into my story, I'll say that luckily, there were 5 food establishments all none of our escapades took us more then 100 feet from each other...

We pulled up to KFC, Jessie took Reese to grab a seat, & Jeff and I stood in line behind the only other person in the restaurant. It took forever for someone to come take his order, and once he was done, the KFC employee started counting the cash in the till, put it we stood there looking at him...and walked away from the cash register. And just left us there standing. We stood there for about 2 more minutes, & thought "This is nuts. It's completely empty in there, there's bins full of chicken under the lamps, the other guy still doesn't have his food, & nobody is coming to take our order!" So we gathered up the kids, got back into the car, & drove to Pizza Hut.

Poor Jessie was about to fall over from hunger...but she was a good sport.

We couldn't find the door to enter Pizza Hut...but after driving around the back, turning the car around, parking next to the Pizza Hut sign & walking all the way around a sidewalk, we found a door. Sheesh. We walked in & found a hostess counter with a sign that said "Please wait to be seated." OK. That's fine. As we're standing (and standing) waiting, we notice an agitated lady at the cash register trying to pay her bill. Nobody is coming to help her. And we're still waiting. Someone who appears to maybe be a hostess keeps walking past us, & the lady trying to pay, & generally ignores both of us. Jeff & I start laughing at the sheer absurdity of trying to find food!

She eventually makes her way to us, grabs 4 menus from the hostess stand & walks to an empty table. She drops the menus on the table & grunts something along the lines of "Sit here." I notice some child's menus on a counter behind us so I grab one for Reese. We notice the lady still waiting to pay her bill. We sat & chatted for a while. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Not one single person came by the drinks, no order, no food. NOTHING! Laughing, we got up & left Pizza Hut.

Our last stop was Burger King & we decided to go inside and eat since we were all starving.

Jessie & Reese grabbed a table and Jeff & I ordered lunch for everyone. Easy enough. You know what to expect at Burger King. We all got our drinks at the drink stand & I headed back up to the counter to wait for our meal. What happened next has to probably be the MOST INSANE instance of disgusting health violation I have ever personally witnessed.

Stay tuned to find out what happened....a Mouse is calling our name right now :)


HRH said...

listen...I am going to walk right down to your house and rip you out of whatever family activity you are doing to hear the end of this story...don't mess with me I just flew on a plane with 3 kids.

spinning in our own direction said...

Are you kidding me!!! you Can't leave us hanging !!! UGGH !!i will be checking m y computer every 5 monutes the rest of the night!!!!