Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Home, Home All The Day

I found this on Ann Zeise's webpage. Although we certainly don't stay home all day, so many parts of this song are exactly why I love being home with Reese!

Home, Home All the Day
(To the tune of Home on the Range)


Oh, give me the day, with no soccer to play, and no doctor's appointments to meet,
But let me stay home and take care of my own, and my life will be peaceful and sweet.


Home, Home all the day,
Where the children study and play,
Where seldom is heard, the hurry up word,
And the van's in the carport all day!


Oh give me a morn, where no shoes must be worn, for the kiddos have no place to be;
and the Mom mustn't meet; oh, that day would be sweet! And would be such a blessing to me!


Oh give me the days when we all wear P.J.s and the studies don't start until ten.
Where we snuggle with books or we learn to be cooks and little voices beg "Do it again!"


Oh give me a place with a smile on each face, where we finger-paint lions and bears.
No one says "What a mess!" We just feel very blessed for the moment when everyone shares!


Oh give me the hours where we study wildflowers and wonder at the sight of the bees.
Where science is fun in the afternoon sun and our lunchroom is under the trees.


Oh, give me a day with no packed lunches to make, and no tears and the stomach ache fake.
Oh let me stay home, though it might take a loan, and the dishes and laundry can wait.

First verse and chorus written by Marji McIlvaine
2nd verse written by Dalene Barnes
3rd, 4th, & 5th verses by M. Praze (with help from children!)
6th verse by Peggy in AZ


HRH said...

so fun and true!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love this. (I actually sang it!) I am going to share it with some friends unless you tell me no. I've been looking at your old homeschooling blogs!