Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Having A Craptastic Day, Thank You!

Well...that about sums up how I feel about today. Craptastic. Mostly because I'm so tired.

Reese came down with a cough three days ago, so three and two nights ago he kept both Jeff & I up most of the night coughing, crying, barfing (from gagging), or all of the above. Last night I took Reese to sleep in the guest room, and go figure, he didn't cough at all.

Top all that off with the Amazing Traveling Pink Eye Tour. I took Reese to the doctor yesterday morning because I suspected Sunday that he had Pink Eye. I was correct, & after a stop at Walgreens for eyeball drops, as well as meds to take care of the sinus & ear infection Reese has, we came home & I felt like my body was made of lead. I was SO very tired...but I couldn't force myself to lay down and rest during Reese's nap.

Reese was ready for bed at 9:00 (which is early for our family) & so he and I retreated to the guest room. He was out in no time, so I sat up & read my Sneaky Chef cookbook Santa brought for Christmas. Eventually, my headache took over & I turned off my book light & TV and laid down.

I woke up at 1:00 with this horrible burning in my eye...tried to open it & it felt as if there was glue on my eyelashes. NOOOOOOOO! I turn on the bathroom light & check out my eye. Crap. I've caught Pink Eye. Just lovely.

I wipe my eye crust away with a warm towel & head back to bed. But I was already wide awake, my eye burned, & I couldn't stop opening my eyes for fear of them gluing shut while I slept. I finally snuck back out of bed around 2:00 & fetched Reese's eye drops from the kitchen. Put three drops in my right eye & went back to bed. I don't know how long I was awake, but it was all I could do not to get out of bed and do the laundry or something. I simply wasn't tired.

Eventually I fell asleep, and when I woke in the morning, it appears that the Pink Eye Tour had moved into my other eye. Both eyes full of crusty gunk & pain. When Reese woke up, I noticed that both of his eyes were also now infected. I'm glad we only have 2 eyes each...at least it will stop spreading!

So I know I'm whiny, and pink eye doesn't really affect how one acts or feels, but the most hugely annoying part for me is that I can't wear my contacts during the 5 day treatment. And I don't have any glasses as a back up. Completely, utterly annoying to see for five days.

Luckily, Jeff has avoided catching anything. Double luckily, I called Reese's pediatrician this morning to see if they would be willing to call in an eye drop prescription for ME since we were just there yesterday with a confirmation of pink eye in the house.

Note to Dr. Dhoot's Office: I love you! By agreeing to call in an eye drop prescription for me, they saved me a 45 minute drive to my doctor's office...sans contacts...& I am ever so grateful. Jeff is going to pick up the drops later today. Big props to my honey!

So that's our story for today. I've never dealt with pink eye before, but ICK...no thank you. I don't want any second helpings!


spinning in our own direction said...

Pink eye Sucks !!! no other word for it.. You want in on a secret.. now you get to wash EVERYTHING that you guys have touched with the goopey eyes or guess what.. Yep The revenge of pink eye NOT FUN!!!

dawn224 said...

Oh! Getting to clean everything you might have touched when you can't see to do it... ugh!

best of luck to you!

FatcatPaulanne said...

Pinkeye does make you feel bad and having to go without contacts does too. I hope you all feel better soon.

mommy2nicholas said...

Aw that sucks! Sorry to hear about the pink eye plague. Take care of yourselves and let me know if I can help you guys out with anything.

HRH said...

OMG...that sounds horrid. Thank God you aren't a spider.