Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disney World--Behind The Scenes

We made a weekend trip to Disney World since Jessie had a 4-day weekend. I really think I drive the family bonkers with my million photos. I mean, who else takes photos at a restauraunt, shopping at Target, or hey, at another restauranut!

They mostly humor me...and they read this Blog. So let me say a big, public Thank You!!!!

Tomorrow I'll post the movie from our vacation, but today I thought I'd post some of the photo out-takes.

Jessie fell asleep on the plane, and what kind of awesome Step-Mom would I be if I didn't torment her? See my stealth finger picking her nose? I rock, huh?

Blog World, meet Hot Carl. Hot Carl, meet my Bloggy Friends. When we found our assigned rental car at the airport, we just about fell over at how tiny it was. Amazingly, our two big suitcases fit in the trunk & our legs squeezed into Hot Carl's leg spaces. It was a tight fit...luckily I have really short legs & my discomfort was minimal. And that's what it's really all about, right?

This picture just made Jessie & I laugh so hard. It's not photoshopped at all. We just smiled & Jeff snapped the picture. But look at our heads. Jessie's head looks about two times too big & like we cut and pasted it onto a body. It's even at a weird angle. And my head looks shrunken. I would never have believed it wasn't a doctored photo if I hadn't taken it myself!

I snapped this last photo of Reese's hand as Jeff carried him back to the hotel late at night. He always acts like such a big boy, but this hand instantly brought me back to Baby Reese. Pudgy fingers, dimples at the nuckles. Just a little sign that Reese is big, but still my baby!


HRH said...

Way too cute...my favorite is the non-photoshopped picture of weird-sized heads! But the Reese fingers are sooooo sweet. I am not stalking you, I just saw it pop up on my googlereader 1 second ago.

dawn224 said...

i love the hand :)