Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brain Droppings

Brain Droppings: Stuff on my mind, pictures in my computer...things that need to be blogged about and I forgot!

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I'm always amazed at Reese's random creativity. I was setting up for an Early Childhood PTA party I was hosting (making birdfeeders) & Reese was having fun making pictures with the Cheerios. To me, this looked like a strawberry. To Reese, it looked like Marge Simpson. He swiped the rest of the Cheerio Masterpieces before I could get any pictures.

Speaking of Cheerios, my friend Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana has a theory about Cheerios which I think you'll find interesting. I know I've found that they do, indeed, travel.

Part of our birdfeeder making morning involved spreading lard (yuck!) on a stale bagel. Insert larded-bagel in a baggie full of birdseed. SHAKE! And viola...instant birdfeeder! Reese usually doesn't enjoy sitting down & participating in activities when we host. It's hard for him to let others play with his toys while he's not watching. I don't push it. Once everyone leaves, he's happy to work with Mommy & do whatever project is laid out.

Reese decided here that it was better to wear his undies on his head while he shakes his bagel. Yet another reason homeschool rocks! You can dress as a Blue Power Ranger or put your undies on your head and nobody will make fun of you!! Actually, Mommy will grab the camera and give you MORE attention when you do silly things like this...

OK, McDonalds....what's up with these new Happy Meal Toys? I'm sorry, I don't think a wrestling devil man makes a Happy toy. Maybe I'm wrong. Reese didn't care for it much either. VERY bizzare. Did I miss some movie promotions or something?

This is what happens when I barge in with the camera & want a cute picture of my boys. So very silly. Actually, I can't think of any better Daddy in the world!

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HRH said...

Love the cheerios art, it is the first time I have had a warm feeling about them today! That must have been BEFORE Rhett ate them all (and the birdseed).