Monday, December 31, 2007

Um, Happy New Year!

A conversation with Reese, brought on by Mommy washing our champagne flutes to toast the New Year tonight:

Reese: "What are those?"

Mommy: "They're champagne glasses from Mommy & Daddy's wedding day. We're using them tonight to drink our special Kid Champagne."

R: "When did you get married?"

M: "Six years ago."

R: "Was I born yet?"

M: "Nope. You were still a wish up in Heaven."

R: "How old were you?"

M: "Let's see. I was 25 I think."

R: "How old are you now?"

M: "I'm 31."

R: "Wow! You're old! I'm going to be sad when you die."

New Year's Resolution: Try to act younger so my son doesn't think I'm on the brink of crossing over into Heaven! :)


HRH said...

Yeah, you are WAY over the hill!

Lisa said...

Hah! my 5-year-old daughter made me count all the way to 41 (my age). That's a lot of counting.
Hey, my little one is Mia Reese : )

Queen of Carrots said...

My 3yo thought the end of the year meant we would all be heading for heaven. :-)