Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hymn To Joy

I checked out Christmas in the Stable by Beverly K. Duncan from the library because it sounded interesting. The poems are all told from the animal's point of view as they lived in the stable & wondered what was happening when Mary came & Jesus was born.

Hymn To Joy
by Julia Cunningham

Give greatly of your grunts, O pig!
Scratch deeply of your joy, O hen!
Sing out in choired squeaks, O mouse!
To herald in the Boy. Amen.

The tiger's head shall know His hand
And bow that He may stroke his ears,
The lion lend his ropey tail,
The jackal joke away His tears.

A stable will become His home.
Three kings will journey far to see
His sleep. His waking, how the world
Shines in this moment's gaiety.

So bray your best, O simple ass!
Release your cheeps, O little wren!
Trumpet down stars, O elephant!
Announce your love! Amen.

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