Saturday, December 01, 2007

How Did I Miss This?

Not sure how I missed blogging about our Friday...but somehow it skipped my mind! We were invited to participate in another CoOp on Friday to learn all about snow & how water makes snow.

Imagine our surprise when we read that host was going to have a snow machine! How awesome is that?

When we arrived, some of our CoOp friends were already there, but Reese's best friend wasn't there & I didn't think he was coming. Reese was very unhappy & didn't want to talk to anybody. So he found a quiet spot on the front door step while we all gathered in the driveway to read a book about snow.Luckily, Reese's buddy showed up really soon & Reese's attitude did a 180 :) In all fairness though, I know "CoOp" has a certain set of expectation for Reese, & when the person he was looking forward to seeing most wasn't there, it threw a kink in his plan. I don't blame him for being upset & pouting.

We all have situations where we expect one set of things to happen, & are sorely disappointed when something in that set of expectations doesn't' happen. Now add in the fact that your 4 years old, & it was completely understandable why Reese was not happy!

So we read a book about snow, then the host asked everyone if they wanted to play in the snow. Heck Yes!

The "snow" came from a foam type machine, but to the kids, it was snow. It helped that it was already really, really cold outside!
They must have played for 30 minutes. Running, rolling, wrestling, laughing. It was priceless. Actually, the snow machine cost $50 rental (thanks Hostess!), so it wasn't completely priceless :)
Most of the pictures I have of Reese are a big blur. He was just running too fast for my camera to catch a good shot!

After our snow ran out, we had hot chocolate & cookies while we read a Clifford book about snow.

One of the many things I love about our group is the incorporation of siblings this year. Last year, the two younger siblings were pretty much too little to participate much. But this year, they're older & I love it that we can all learn together.

Here, Reese's best friend's little brother is sharing a cookie with Reese. There is no "He's a baby, so I can't play with him" attitude in our group. They're all just "kids" together to learn & play.

This is such a special group. We've been meeting each week now for the past year & a half. Most of us will be able to continue next year as well (as in, next school year). So in the end, there's a good chance that most of these munchkins will have been together for 3 years. That's just an awesome thought!

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