Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Architecture 101: Christmas Edition

Today's CoOp was, yet again, just as much fun for the Moms as it was for the kids!

We met at Mrs. Melissa's house today for a great, messy morning! Mrs. Melissa started with a reading of Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby. In the story, little Matti sets out to bake a gingerbread man, but he peeks in the oven before it's done cooking & out pops a Gingerbread Baby!

The traditional gingerbread man chase ensues, except Matti sets out to save his little friend & bakes a gingerbread house. Matti sets the house in the forest, Gingerbread Baby hides in the house & is saved from the crowd of people & animals trying to catch him.

I love a happy ending :)

After the story, we went into the kitchen for some MESSY fun! OK, let me clarify that statement. The moms dove into the messy fun while the kids mostly dug into the candy decorations!

Mrs. Melissa made some awesome royal icing, so the walls of our houses stood pretty well right away. The kids hung around the table while we constructed the houses, but went to play shortly after we started putting the candy decrations on. Our pointy roof fell, as well as one wall, so we ended up making a gingerbread garage instead.

Below, you'll find the great creativity that we moms had fun with. I loved Melissa's pointy roof and Christmas tree, Deb's blue door and M&M pathway, and Holly's marshmallow igloo! It's always fascinating to see what different people do with the exact same materials.

And below, you'll find Reese & Mommy's Gingergread Garage! Reese was very set on having the red candies inside the garage. Done!


HRH said...

I think learning should always include food! yummy...I have withheld sweets for the rest of the day from the baby...I am a cruel mommy.

Happy Campers said...

Yes, my dear Holly, you ARE cruel. Rhett only ate six handfuls of M&Ms, 2 twizzlers, some marshmallows I believe, & a gum drop or two. And you deny him any more? Where is your Christmas spirit woman? :) I wish I had snapped a picture of his little chocolate covered face...precious!!