Thursday, December 06, 2007

Any time, Any place

We just returned from a Disney World trip & of course, there will be a Movie posted here later with all our fun!

But...just had to put down this quick thought...

It amazed me how much traveling presents learning opportunities. Maps of Disney property (Reese eagerly used the picture key to locate EPCOT, MGM, Magic Kingdom), the bus rides (listening for the name of our drop off point among all the names mentioned along the way), letters on everything & everywhere to identify & sound out...

Seems like every time we take a trip somewhere, Reese is more & more aware of things around him & wants to locate, identify, make decisions, remember... It's really more than a vacation. Exposing him to these different environments (whether it be a theme park, a beach, or whatever) peaks a new curiosity to observe & figure out what's around.

Homeschool at Disney World? You bet!

**I wore my "Homeschool Rocks" tshirt the first day there...guess I'm a little proud of the road we're taking :)

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HRH said...

I love "sneaky learning" activities where the kids are so excited about something they don't realize all they are "being taught". So glad you had fun and can't wait for the movie.