Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday at the Duck Park

Reese & I went to the park today. We were supposed to have a playgroup playdate there, but nobody showed up (actually, one friend did come towards the end). It was chilly...about 50 degrees...but very sunny, so with our warm clothes, hats, & gloves we were just fine!

Reese loves to feed the ducks, & today there were two geese at the pond as well. Usually, the geese we've met have been very pushy & mean, but these two were kind & gentle and loved to get close but not too close.

They were so pretty & Reese liked the "honk" sound they made.

I can't bring moldy bread or really old snacks for the ducks because Reese always, always eats our snacks. He's done so ever since he was itty bitty! Today, we brought a freezer-burned loaf of french bread & two somewhat stale bags of Chex cereal. Here, Reese enjoys some Chex:
Reese asked me to take a picture of his favorite duck:
Reese had the most fun today jumping down from this platform. He must have jumped down & climbed the stairs back up fifty times.
Since he's homeschooled and lacks social skills (*not*), Reese made friends with a few little boys at the park. They had fun running in the grass & falling down. Lots of grass stains on his jeans, but that's what Clorox for Colors is for!
A rather artistic picture that Reese took of Mommy:

See, like I said, I can't bring something moldy if he's going to do this with the bread:
I tried the bread, and although it was very freezer-burn tasting, it was still edible. See you next time, ducks!

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