Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Behind Every Perfect Picture May Be Chaos...

So I had an idea to ask everyone to dress their children in white (crazy idea #1) and we'll get all the CoOp munchkins together for one, great picture (crazy idea #2).

So there were these adorable shots that turned out great, but what exactly did it take to get about 5 awesome pictures?
I shot about 180 pictures with my Continuous setting on the camera. I'm glad we got a good handful of quality pictures, because....

There were plenty of "duds"! Check out the slide show for the "behind the scenes" shots....just exactly how DO you get six 4 & 5 year olds to sit still long enough, look at the camera, & smile? As you can see, it wasn't easy :)
Actually, a few of my favorites are the ones where everyone is going everywhere & looking all over & being silly...what a wonderful group of friends we're blessed with!!

**If you click on the little "+" sign on the slide show, the pictures will move faster. Click it twice...the pictures are even funnier going past fast!

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HFVS said...

Your slide show has me in stitches! Very funny. Being a photographer with a five year old of my own ... I can sooooo relate. :-)