Thursday, November 29, 2007

All "Sorts" Of Fun

From my teaching days, I've got jars with all sorts of trinkets. Milk caps, buttons, teddy bears, bean counters, pom pom balls. I've also got a set of colored bowls.

We always have fun when we pull these things out. Tonight, we started with the buttons. There's got to be 500 buttons in the jar, & I bought a set of trays to use during times like this! Prior to the trays, I was ending up with buttons all over the floor & I'd step on them for days.
Reese had most fun finding the broken buttons & he decided the pink bowl was where they belonged. Mommy sorted the other buttons into colors & it really bothered us both that we don't have a black bowl. The brown bowl won't cut it for the black buttons!

I tried to create some patterns using the buttons, but Reese wasn't really interested in that tonight. After finding the broken buttons, Reese was most engaged in rubbing his hands all over & through the mound of buttons. It is a very soothing feeling to have hundreds of cold, smooth buttons on your palms & between your fingers!

After we cleaned up our buttons, we pulled out the milk caps. Reese was very interested in sorting all of these & we had all the colors of bowls we needed! So Reese & Mommy sorted all the caps. Then we found which color had the greatest (blue) and which color had the least (brown).

Reese did a wonderful job of helping clean everything up...especially since there were so many little things on the carpet!

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