Monday, September 10, 2007

Learn It Best With Songs!

I still remember my phone number, sung to the tune if "It's A Small World" from when I was a kid. And my family hasn't had that phone number since I was 8 years old. Yet, so many years later, it's still fresh in my mind & I actually Googled the number the other day to see just who has it now!

Everything is easier to learn in song, so you can imagine how cool I thought it was when I found this YouTube clip linked from another homeschool website. I remember in 5th grade, we had "The States Test" where you had to list on a blank map all 50 states & their capitals. I remember my Mom, bless her, making up a song to help me study. Now days, you can find essentially ANYTHING on the internet, so here's the latest version of the 50 States Song. It's not *quite* as easy to's pretty fast. But Reese watched it over and over this morning. He got excited when he heard them name Texas, Florida, & California. Enjoy!

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Dana said...

Oh, I love those old songs. It has been awhile since I've heard that one!