Sunday, September 16, 2007

Don't Touch!!!

Haircuts are just plain the worst. Reese loves to have "spiky hair like Daddy's", but getting his hair cut is never, ever any fun. He hates the clippers & usually cries during most of the haircut. Luckily, Friday he played a Cars video game while he got his hair cut & it did distract him most of the time.

I just cringe when I pay for a $15.99 haircut, but I've tried visiting other places like Super Cuts & Fantastic Sams, and the ladies there just get mad when he cries. At least the gals at Cool Cuts 4 Kids are compassionate & patient & don't rush. I guess it's worth a few extra bucks!

Friday afternoon, Reese & I went out to the woods to continue working on our path. Reese found this cactus, and was looking at it. Seconds after this picture, he grabbed a lobe of cactus & got the horrible hair-like prickles in his fingers & hand. OH NO!

Reese cried hysterically (which I understand!) but refused to let me touch his hands to help. As he's crying, he's got mega-snot running down his face because he's got a cold still, and we're in the woods with no Kleenex, paper towels, napkins...So I'm trying to use my shirt & his shirt to wipe his nose, and keep his hands still and not rub his face with them, & calm him down so I can convince him to let me pull out the stickers!

After a few minutes, Mommy got very serious & Reese let me help. In the process, I got a few hairs stuck in my hands, but successfully got all of them out of Reese's fingers & palms. We headed back to the house, and took of his pants, which were covered with hairs on one leg where he must have brushed the cactus. I just threw them away...they were last year's jeans anyway, and I wasn't ABOUT to put them in the washing machine to spread stickers onto everything else!

Poor Reese. I guess being in nature has it's dangers, & we learned an important lesson today...even if it looks harmless, NEVER touch a cactus!!!

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