Monday, August 06, 2007

WinKids Awards Day & Studio Movie Grill

Jessie put on some music & she and Reese had fun dancing together. His little "skirt" is made out of some great scarves we bought a few years ago. What a great purchase!

Reese had Awards Day at WinKids Sportsters class today. He was very excited to have Mommy come into the gym with him, instead of watching from outside the gym in the Parent's Room. It was fun to watch Reese show me what he's learned this summer, and he was even MORE proud of his ribbon!

Here's Reese with his entire class. It amazed me how the Coach Jack, Coach Mark, & Coach Emily (not pictured) kept order in this group of mostly rowdy boys!

After WinKids, we met some friends at Studio Movie Grill for a summer kids' special showing of Shark Tale. Reese had never seen it before, and there was actually some cute music. I think the movie could have done with a few less "Shut Up" phrases from the characters, but all in all it was a good flick.

Studio Movie Grill is a movie thater that has table service for food & drinks, and these tan squares in the boys' hands are how you summon your waiter. They light up red if you need something & your waiter will come to your seat. Doesn't bother your neighbors, & you don't have to get up. Cool concpet! Here, Reese & his friend Nicholas are using the lights as, what else, swords!

Reese decided to skip his nap today, so in the early afternoon Reese & Mommy headed to Once Upon A Child, our favorite second hand kids' clothes store. We were in search of some pirate clothes for our Disney cruise in the future. One night is a Pirates IN The Caribbean dinner, & we're all dressing like pirates! We struck gold at OUAC, and found the perfect pirate clothes. I had a tip from a friend to look in the girl's department for the right kinds of clothes (puffy shirts with frills, satin pants, etc). Sure enough, we found an awesome pair of black satiny cargo pants, some pirate boots, & this shirt/vest combo in the picture above. I spent about $11 for all the clothes, and when we put it together with the accessories we already have, it's a pretty darn cute pirate costume!

Here, Reese is making my salad for dinner. What a big helper!

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