Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Un-Hike

For CoOp on Wednesday, we planned a morning hike near Lake Grapevine. The days have reached 105 degrees, but at 9:30 we were still hoping for decent temperatures for a short hike with the kiddos. We all arrived and congregated in the empty road at the entrance to the hiking trail.
All appeared normal, and Reese & a few others blazed ahead on the trail. Part of me wanted to let him just explore, but there are snakes, and spider webs hanging, & a bit of glass here or there, so I just couldn't completely let him go. I kept reminding him not to get TOO far ahead of the group!
I've never hiked this trail before, but a few others in our group have. As we approached the end of the steps leading to the trail, we saw water covering the entire trail! With all the rain we've had this year, Lake Grapevine is up sixteen feet from normal, and apparently that's enough to completely cover the hour-long hiking trail. So...
You make lemonade out of lemons, right? I ran back up to the car to grab some crackers for everyone to throw in the water. There were fish (which the Moms determined were gars) jumping out the water all around us, about 15 feet from shore. They weren't too interested in the Goldfish or the Coco Puff cereal that we had to toss in!

Of course, when you've got water, fish, and sticks, Reese is bound to go in! It started with a slip, and his foot slipped into the edge of the water. From there, he just went completely in up to his shins. He would have gone farther if Mommy said OK. I just had no interest in swimming in the lake myself that day!

Our Un-Hike was lots of fun, even if it wasn't exactly what we had planned. And hopefully, the trail that's covered with water now will yield some amazing bluebonnets in the Spring!

After spending some time at the lake, we all trekked a short bit back to our cars. Mrs. Deb was the Woman of the Day. She brought icee pops for everyone! They were still yummy & frozen once we got back to the car, and I think all the hikers (Mommies included!) loved cooling off with some special treats.

Reese has never had these before, & he ate through three of them in minutes. His favorite part was the juice at the bottom, so he asked me to eat the frozen part & give him the juice. No twisting my arm!

We're set to do another hike Saturday morning at a different location, and Jeff said there's a cool front coming in. The high for Saturday is supposed to be mid-80s and the low in the 70s. Now that should make for some nice hiking!

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