Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday Quote

“Don’t kids need to be around other kids their age every day to grow up well adjusted?”

“In most of the world, it is more important for children to be well grounded in their families than with other children to be well adjusted in that culture. The family is nearly always charged with preparing children to fit into society, in whatever way that culture dictates. Forcing children to spend their entire lives as part of an age-segregated group is not healthy, and is not necessary to become socially well-adjusted adults. This philosophy comes from the early roots of compulsory education in this country, which strove to strip children of their individuality. Keeping them in these groups is essentially the same as expecting children to ‘socialize’ each other.

Age-peers are an important part of growing up, as are friends of all ages. However, they are simply a part of the tapestry of friendships available to children. Children who spend the majority of their time with other children their age depend more on their friends than on better sources for information & support. How many teens do you know who will weigh the advice of a friend more heavily than that of a parent or dependable adult when they need help, if they tell the parent about the problem situation at all? This is common, but not logical. “

So-Why Do You Homeschool? Answering questions people ask about home education.
By Mimi Davis

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