Monday, August 20, 2007

Bugs & Bread

Reese wanted a soap pump for outside, so I found an empty soap bottle & filled it with water. Reese never knew the difference, & Daddy didn't have to deal with soap in the pool!

Buddy had fun watching Reese, especially when he was working on his bug jar with 2 big locus (loci?) in it. All the clicking & buzzing noises the insects were making drove the dog crazy!

Later, Reese helped make some Anandama Bread for's his favorite and we usually make one or two loaves a week.

When we were talking about why we needed yeast in the bread, I explained that if we left the yeast out, the bread would be flat. It took me a minute to figure out what Reese was talking about when I turned around a few minutes later to find him lying on the kitchen floor eating a banana. He was being flat bread, he said. Funny boy :)

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