Saturday, August 25, 2007

Probably The Best Free Item...Ever!

International Paper has this amazing website with, probably, the best free material I've ever seen. For no cost, they will send you 10 posters with high quality illustrations about all sorts of tree-related topics...seed identification, leaf identification, endangered species of the forests, etc. You can also request other materials for free, all of which are highly educational.

We were SO very excited to receive our box in the mail today. I wasn't sure what exactly the "10 posters" would cover, but was I ever pleased! I've sent a request for some more free materials for our CoOp this fall...I'll be using this for a lesson plan!
Reese was very excited to open the box...he took a picture of the front:
"Let's get it open Mommy!"

Check out the cool posters we got! This one has a bunch of leaves and tree names to match. I plan to take Reese on a nature hike with a bag so we can collect leaves from the ground & come home to ID them. Also very handy to talk about why leaves are different shapes and why pine needles are so different from, say, oak leaves.

Perhaps one of my favorite posters is the Seeds poster. Awesome graphics, interesting seed examples, & I love it that many of these I can find around Flower Mound. A poster like this would easily cost $5 or so from a teacher's supply catalog...and these were all free for the asking!
After we looked through all our posters & decided which to hang in the kitchen, Reese asked me to make skis out of the box. We decided that if we taped some Crocs to the boards then he could "ski" with them. We spent time making them, then Reese spent about 5 seconds wearing them until he decided it was "itchy" and he didn't like them. Picky Micky. :)


The Chance Family said...

Thank you so much for posting the information about this awesome offer! As soon as I read about it I hopped on their website and ordered a set for Nicholas. You are the queen of finding cool things!

Crimson Wife said...

Thanks for the tip!