Thursday, July 19, 2007

Peach & Apple picking

Reese & I went to Henrietta Creek Orchard to day and spent the early afternoon picking apples & peaches. What a fun morning...we learned all sorts of new things. I think one of Reese's favorite things was stomping on all the rotting peaches lying on the ground under the trees. He didn't care that they were covered with bees & yellow jackets, and the insects wanted the friut & not a stinky boy, so he just stomped to his heart's content!

The other favorite of the day for Reese and Mommy was plucking an apple from the tree & eating it right on the spot. Something magical about a sun-warmed apple while you sit in the shade of the apple tree, letting the juice drip down your chin. Made me want to plant an orchard in our backyard, because it was really a Magical Moment outside!

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