Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here's the final product from our papertowel art project a few days back (scroll down a few posts to see how we made it!)
Reese pretending to be William Wallace from the movie Braveheart. We didn't sit & watch the whole thing, but Reese thought it was really cool to see the final fight scene where Wallace has his face painted half blue, & everyone has swords, spears, etc. Ah, boys.
Washing his cars outside.

Doing a science experiment in the kitchen together was fun! You fill a glass almost full of room-temperature water. In another small glass, pour 3 tablespoons of oil, then add a few drops each of red & blue food coloring. Mix the oil one or two times with a fork to break up the food coloring drops a bit. Carefully pour the oil into the water. In about 30 seconds, you'll have a pretty display of "fireworks" in your glass as the food coloring droplets break through the oil layer & go into the water.
Reese thought this was VERY cool...then he started mixing colors in the water glass & wanted no part of Mommy's instructions.

Pouring the oil into the water...
Reese wanted pizza for breakfast, so he made his own with a bagel half, spaghetti sauce, & cheese. He ate it uncooked...gross...but he ate two whole pizzas that way, so I guess it tasted good to him!

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