Friday, April 06, 2007

PATs Game Day

PATs on Wednesday was all about games & fun! Mrs. Holly hosted at her house & she had a variety of fun games for the kids & Moms to play. What a fun way to learn about taking turns, following rules, & cooperating!

Reese chasing Mrs. Mary in Duck Duck Goose. The kids had a BLAST with this game. They started out playing "right" but in the end they were all running around the circle together having a great time. So cute!
Reese is "It" for Red Light, Green Light. Ah, power!
Playing Follow The Leader. Mrs. Holly has everyone touching their toes. Reese is really flexible!
After seeing Reese ride this big bike, Reese and Mommy agreed that he's ready for a bigger bike than he currently owns. Mrs. Holly's driveway is's a huge circle that the kids all used as a big race track. As always, we had a great time!

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